Ant on troubled pine has changed so much throughout the years. While the name remained the same from the beggining, its journey through time gave that name a crucial meaning. A meaning stronger than anyone would have anticipated.

The name encapsulates the life of man. In a journey that's filled with experiences involving pain, happiness, disappointment and yet a sense of purpose. But no matter how easy or hard things sometimes become, this life will give us the perspective we need to go on. Whatsoever, It is the journey that matters; not the destination.

Formed in 2010 by two friends. Kostas Karampelas (Guitars) and Adam Pefkos (Bass), inviting their respective brother George Karampelas (Vocals) and friend Antonis Christofis (Drums) into this heavy metal project, writing their own music, influenced by the bands they knew and loved. Two years later, Kostas Christopoulos (Guitars) joined in. The band took shape and started to emerge, recording its first heavy metal E.P.

Time went by and the brothers had to depart to continue another path in life. Kostas and Adam where the ones who chose to stay and make this band their home. After experimenting with musical styles, they decided to make a progressive rock project. Their interest and love for this kind of music, endowed them with a more natural expression, both lyrical and musical.

Many musicians passed through Ant On Troubled Pine until the time came for them to record their first full length album. The album was released on March 2017 with the following line-up : Eva Kioseoglou (vocals), Kostas Christopoulos (guitars), Adam Pefkos (bass), George Lioulios (keyboards), Panagiotis Topalides (drums).

Currently, the band is working on a new challenging project with our new vocalist Vicky Gritza and on drums we have the pleusare of working with our beloved producer Michael Karamichalis. Thanks for the support and stay tuned.